1.2.15 Pain Pain go away

Good evening readers!!

So I woke up with a soar back. I bet you can guess why… (YES attic overhaul!) I have been taking it easy all day to not officially blow out my back. So here’s a question: what type of back stretches can I do daily to avoid pulling my back in the future? I feel like I’m a 29 year old fragile tea cup that will break with one use. (EEEKKK)Back_Pain

Today Em has been a total nightmare. We are really venturing into the terrible two’s! For everything she cried, or told me no; something I don’t stand for. My only savior was that she took a 4 hour nap.crying

My hubby Vic is working nights at is job, so he got to experience none of my days struggles. He went to work at 4pm to get home at 7am, to then sleep until 3pm to do it all over again. Not sure if I call it lucky, but sometimes I wish he was here to help out…you know, good cop bad cop. It’s pretty sad that my puppy behaved better today than Em. That was pretty much the extent of today.

Highlight: Em ate all of her dinner

Sour moment: Being woken up at 12midnight because dog wanted to got out for a potty break.potty break

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Thank you and many blessings!


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