1.3.15 Baking

Good evening readers!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I did a lot of relaxing and took frequent naps. I have to tell you, writing has become a bit easier. I know it’s only been a couple days, but I know if I keep it a part of my routine at night I’d get the job done.


So I don’t want to toot my horn, but I’m a pretty decent baker. I’m not a BOX baker. (I went to a party once and baked a box of brownies b/c I was running late and when they realized it was boxed they didn’t eat anymore of them and said anyone that follows directions “can” be a baker). So just for clarification, I mainly bake from scratch.

I decided that I wanted to make chocolate covered pretzels for Vic’s squad so when Em decided to go down for a nap, I started the chocolate melting. I normally stick to one kind; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or vanilla. I decided to mix it up a bit and melt what I had left of the milk chocolate (about 1/2 a bag) and did another half of dark chocolate. I added Ghirardelli mini kisses for no good ol’ reason. Once everything was melted in the mini crockpot I dipped my first medium sized pretzel into it like I knew how. My fork didn’t take it out the way I wanted to so I used my fingers. It became really messy really quick. I immediately thought 1. this was not going to work, 2. this is going to take forever.

Instead I only dipped 1/2 of it in the melted chocolate and I then decorated them with sprinkles and flavored sugar crystals. Out of the whole bag, there were 3 dozen good whole pretzels that I used. The broken pieces I put on parchment paper and drizzled the left over chocolate on them. I had all the intentions of taking a picture of the really nice, decorated pretzels BUT Vic took them to work and were devoured before I could request a single picture. I did take a picture of the drizzled ones. Take a look below. they came out really good. chocolate drizzled pretzels

Besides this mini baking adventure, I cooked dinner, Em woke up, we ate dinner and played until we both dropped! What was your highlight? Sour moment?

I added a pic of my tornado and her sidekick Beaker sleeping together. Enjoy!

em and beaks sleeping

Highlight: Confirming my lost love for baking.

Sour moment: Dog peed on my duvet cover while I made dinner. (You’d think I’ve learned to keep him in the kitchen with me while I cooked…)


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