1.17.15 Got kicked out of CVS

cvs closed

Good evening readers!!

Hope you are all doing well. I wanted to tell you how I got kicked out of CVS.

Let me start by saying Em has been sick with Allergic conjunctivitis (See what it’s all about by clicking this link). I called the doctor yesterday, but because it was around 8:30pm that I called, they could only send a script to the pharmacy (eye drops). The doc tells me they called in the RX and that it should be ready in 30 mins. I knew the CVS they called it in to was closed and because Em was already sleeping, I decided to go Sat to get the meds.

(Saturday)–I looked up their hours of operation at 7am; they opened at 9am. I pack Em in the car, in the rain, and head over to CVS. I arrive 10 mins early, so I entertained her in the parking lot. It hit 9am, and was excited to see no one in line for the drive though. I pull up and see white screens all throughout the pharmacy department. Thinking my car and phone clocks were maybe a couple of minutes early, I stayed parked in the drive though. It’s now 9:03, 9:10, 9:15 and still no one opened up to allow me to get my script.

CVS White

CVS Hrs of op

What I don’t understand I why there wasn’t a sign saying “we’re going to open late today” or “we apologize for the inconvenience, but we are closed today”. NOTHING! So as Em was passed out in the back seat, I headed in CVS to tell them how I felt. I asked what time they opened the pharmacy and the register person said 9am. I then looked at my watch and said “must be nice to open whenever you want”. I asked again why they weren’t open and she couldn’t give me an answer. She paged a female manager and we got at it. I told the manager that I was waiting in the drive thru for 20 mins waiting for someone to open up the pharmacy area. The woman tried to make excuses for them, but I wasn’t having it. She asked me to leave and I said NO, and insisted for them to call someone to open the store and get me my meds (why tell them they were really for my kid, right)! They must have thought I was on drugs or something!! LOL. She asked me to leave again and I said “what rent a cop do you have on payroll?” I even chuckled when I said that confirming I was officially crazy… The manager then gets the phone and calls 911. I immediately walk out as I didn’t need another confrontation, knowing I have no leg to stand on with my crazy antics.

With no other option, I call the doctors office again. I explain to them how bad of service CVS gave and asked them to forward the script to another 24hr CVS that also has my information. As I drove another 20 mins (in the rain) to this new CVS, all I could think of is how I wished I had a lipstick in the car. I would have written on their window my thoughts….

I arrive to the new CVS and the pharmacist (at the drive thru) had it ready…what a relief! I pay for it and go on my merry way. Now why couldn’t this have happened the first time around?

What an adventurous morning! Hope you enjoyed reading about it. 🙂

P.S. CVS only takes complaints on Tuesdays! WOW!

…This is CVS talking to me…

How far have you’ve gone to do something for your child(ren)?

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