1.23.15 Our TV has ears 📺🔊👂

Good evening readers!!

So yesterday one of our friends came over the house and was talking about how he got an amazing deal for a new flat screen tv. Of course, my hubby thinks we can just drop doe on a new TV for no good ol’ reason…


As Emily and I we were watching the movie Frozen for about the millionth and 10th time, my Samsung TV’s picture started to go in and out. I instantly got worried as I thought the DVD was going bad and we would not be able to watch the rest of the movie. It never occurred to me that my TV was on it’s deathbed. I have to say the TV that we have in our living room has been alive for at least 10 years; five of them which I’ve been with my now husband, Vic.

We barely finished watching the movie, when I decided to turn off the TV. I never turned it back on until Vic came home from work around 6pm. He wanted to watch ESPN and turned on the TV. He instantly noticed the volume wasn’t working. I told him that maybe he needed to use the remote not realizing that, again, our TV was on it’s deathbed. He changed the channel and the TV looked as if you hit it with the bat. All the pixels were everywhere as if your computer screen was giving you that blue error message. Why is it a man’s first instinct to curse the TV out when all it did was provide services to you for 10 years? All I could do was laugh at him which in turn made him more upset. (Thank God dinner was ready).

After we ate dinner he asked if I wanted to get out of the house, and I said yes. We went to Walmart and I bought a couple of things for Em. We then decide to venture into the TV area to see how much money we would eventually be spending on a new television. When did they get so expensive?? All these new technologies such a smart TV HDTV hundred and 20 Hz and 120 refreshers we’re making my mind spin like no other. Our next store; Best Buy. We found a couple that we liked but yet not in our budget. We spoke to a man who tried to convince us to buy the sale TV but were reluctant to pay $600 plus tax on a 50 inch 60 Hz HDTV. I knew we could’ve found something better. Because BJ’s is in the same complex as Best Buy, we quickly ran in to see what they had, but no selection in our price range. We left. Our last stop for the night was HH Gregg. We spoke to a guy that knew way too much about TVs, but explained it in a way where you were just mesmerized and wanted to learn more. We looked around for Samsung TVs only, only to realize it was not going to happen. Samsung is a really good television and were pricing them a little more then all the others. We then came across an LG open box item for less than $500 which was the size we wanted, the picture we wanted, so we decided to buy it. Because it was an open box piece it was set up to sit on top of an entertainment center. With the picture below you could see my husband attempting to take the brackets off and Em on her Ipad.
After a short battle, we won. They were off and we mounted it on the wall. We turned it on and it was like seeing a heavenly picture (ahhhhhh in LOVE)! We looked at each other and I said “There’s no turning back now…”

He smirked at me and finally was able to see his sports center channels.

[Not even 24 hrs after Vic’s interest in buying a new TV, our Samsung TV DIES! Coincidence? Probably not!]

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