My weekend–I lost my kid…

Good evening readers,

I wanted to let you know how my weekend went.  

My husband Vic had off Friday and the weekend from his current job but had military drill Sat & Sun; which kind of put a wrench in our mix. Nevertheless we took as much time as we could together as a family.  

Saturday was an exciting day. Vic went to drill and came home around 4:30, 5 PM. Emily and I played games and went food shopping together. On the way to the grocery store we played the left/right game. She tells me which way to turn until I get to our destination. Normally she’s pretty good at telling me how to get to places but when she starts to giggle and gives me the wrong turn signals–I make the appropriate steps to get back to where we were.

Guess how many times we watched the movie FROZEN? 1 Time! Believe me, this is a good thing. After taking a nap for about three hours we got ready to attend my nieces sixth birthday bowling party.

When we got to the Bowling Alley, Vic drop us off at the front entrance and he went to park car in the back of the building (super sweet).

The bowling alley was packed with different types of leagues. People were rolling around luggage’s; which I’m sure were filled with bowling balls, bowling shoes and everything else you need to get a turkey. We were at lane 1 and needed to get to lane 25. We finally made it and got Emily ready to bowl. She looked so cute with her bowling shoes!! Daddy was helping her bowl while I mingled with family and friends of the birthday girl. Everything was going pretty smoothly, when out of no where a woman that works at this bowling alley gets on the intercom to tell the leaguers they need to start paying attention to the rules. I didn’t think anything of it until she gets back on and starts yelling at the bowlers and said “If you leagues don’t want to listen and follow our bowling rules, this organization will reimburse your money and you can get the HELL out!” (WOW!) She then came on to say that she apologized to the parents that had kids present that she used the H-E-L-L word….but immediately stated “I’m sure you all have already said it. …………………….. Um–no! My kid Emily is 2 and has never said that word. I was furious!! Vic went to the person to give her a piece of mind, just then my kid goes MISSING! My mom asked me if she knew where Emily was, I said she was with Vic. I see Vic and no Emily next to him and I then race to the front desk ONLY TO SEE EMILY looking at a silent auction table. Did I forget to mention this place was packed? Like sardines in a can….or like matches in a matchbox. My heart dropped when I saw she was ok. I didn’t lose my cool, but made it a point to tell Vic he needed to be more aware of her. My mom then gave me a piece of her mind. It felt like I was being scolded in public….oh wait…I WAS! After the party was over, we left and went immediately home. Emily was given a bath and she went to bed. Vic and I fell asleep soon there after. Lets just say we were all emotionally pooped out.

Sunday–Vic went to drill again and Em and I spent the day mainly outdoors. Below is a picture of me walking my 4 month old dog, Chase and the back of Em’s stroller.

chase walk

We played in our back yard for the remainder of the day…and had naps in between. Vic came home and around 5pm, Em was struck with a low grade fever and fell asleep until 8pm. Once she got up, she stayed up until midnight,–but had no more fever 🙂 Thank God, right!

Well I hope you enjoyed my weekend…stay tuned for more stories.

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