5.6.15 10 Random QandA’s ⁉️‼️

Q&A After reading and stalking some of your blogs, I have come up with a fun idea to get to know my followers a little better. There were 10 questions picked out of a hat at random; which I have answered below. I have tagged 5 of my readers to answer them. They will need to then tag 5 other people to answer them as well to keep the answers flowing. Don’t forget to tag me back so I can read them also. I hope you enjoy this ice-breaker exercise.

lifeintheorchard, ramonacrisstea, subduedflamboyance, celiafitzgerald, kelzbelzphotography were my 5 bloggers selected. Check them out. They all bring something different to the table.

#1. In what state do you reside in? NJ

#2. What is something people outside of your inner circle know about you? I am a nervous person. Stick me in an uncomfortable situation, and I’ll sweat profusely, throw up, or even pass out. It’s embarrassing at times, but have found ways to cope with it.

#3. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Honest

#4. What is an attribute that you will never change about yourself? My love for animals. I cannot see them suffer. There have been times I’ve cried b/c I’ve seen dead animals on the road that I didn’t hit or even seen hit for that matter. LOL

#5. What is your fav past time? Stalking other people’s blogs and refurbishing furniture. #QueenOfDIY! (I also love to shred paper…) 😳

#6. Do you bite your toenails, or fingernails? No. That’s nasty…

#7. What is your profession? I work in healthcare. More specifically, I’m an insurance producer.

#8. What is something that is achievable and is still not checked off on your bucket list? Going to Disney in FL.

#9. Are you married? If so, do you have kids? Yes I’m happily married for 3 years and have a beautiful little girl named Emily.

#10. What do you want to accomplish with your blog? I would like for readers to find my blog and relate to it. I’m your average new blogger that just wants to write good stories about my crazy family and keep you motivated to keep coming back.

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Instagram: letterstomyfamilia

Email: Letterstomyfamilia@gmail.com


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