9.15.15 I cried last night…😢


For the first time in forever I cried because of my weight. I know you’re probably thinking how can a little toothpick like me be so upset about adding a couple pounds to her body. Well let me explain. I have been a skinny toothpick for my whole life. I took pride in the way I looked. My friends would always comment on how I did it and my response was always a fast metabolism. Now that I am 30 years old my metabolism is not as fast as it once was. The way I’ve always eaten has never changed and now I see the repercussions of a slower metabolism. One of the biggest changes I’ve experienced was back and body pain. I find myself constantly at the chiropractor’s office because some part of my back or body was blown due to this extra weight. I’m sure the not working-out part also takes part of the blame. I find myself taking naps throughout the weekends or taking a power nap after work just to re-energize my body. I blame all this on myself and only myself.

I never thought I would be the type to not be able to fit into my pants. Now that reality has set in, I find myself laying on my bed trying to squeeze into the pants I want to fit into. It’s come to the point that I wear loose clothing or dresses to work to hide my unwanted weight! I realize the struggles of other overweight people and I sympathize with them. How can we let our bodies get this way?

Do you have a support system?

I would deny feeling like crap and always made excuses for not looking my best. Having a support system helps when you’re down in the slumps like I am. Once I accepted the results of my actions, I went to the closest person to me (my hubby Vic) and asked for help.

My husband has been actively going to the gym and I see great results. He feels happier, more alert, and is now more conscience of what he puts in his body. Last night as he was telling me his schedule for tomorrow, he mentioned that he was going to the gym at 5:30 AM. I asked if I could have a small time-slot before or after he goes, so I can learn to work out the way he was. I struggled with my words but found the courage to tell him how unhappy I am with my body. As any real man would tell his wife he responded “you look beautiful honey”. I confessed to him how unhappy I was about my weight and how I needed help on a game plan to get into my jeans without the assistance of my bed. He chuckled and said he’d help.

Immediately after I explained all of my issues I felt like all the weight was gone and I was normal again. The thought of no longer having to hide it from everyone was gone. The fear of disappointment was gone. Now what I really needed was a plan of action.

I know it’s early and all to say this but I’m excited to see how this all works out. I have to keep telling myself that it will not be an overnight success, and that it took God a week to create earth. Just have to take baby sets in achieving my goal. If you or someone you know is struggling with anything, even the smallest of things… Reach out to them. Sometimes all they need is someone’s ear so they can be heard.

If any of you reading this have any advice in achieving your goals please share it below. I’d love to see how you guys have overcome your struggles and achieved the un-thinkable.

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