1.31.15 I did it! 🙌🏆✒️👓✉️

I did it

So I have to tell you, writing or posting for a whole 31 days is like having another full time job! I give all the bloggers out there some serious credit! With that said, I BLOGGED FOR 31 DAYS! YAY!

Things will be different for Feb. I will make it a point to post more, and give you more details about my person life and family.

Thank you for all the support and continued likes. You are like my extended family 😊

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Take care!! (MUAH–xO👄)


1.10.15 …Messy Men…

what i want him to look like
Don’t you wish they ALL looked like this…?


I know this is a touchy subject for a person in my household (my husband) but I have to know:

Why not pay attention to detail?

For instance, I came home and  immediately started dinner. I go into my cabinet to get a 9 inch skillet and when I take it out I noticed that the pot is dirty. Normally I’m the one who is in charge of dishes, and by in charge, I mean putting them in the dishwasher. I know I am a Nazi when it comes to checking for clean dishes and to make sure everything is clean before it’s being put back into the cabinets. What I don’t understand is; how my husband can put a dirty skillet away without thinking “hmmmm let me put it back in the dishwasher or let me scrub it by hand.”

messy kitchen

Another example: In the shower he would rather cut open a toothpaste tube instead of going into the closet to get a new one.

toothpaste tube

I’m not too sure why my husband chooses not to pay attention to detail. I find it rather unattractive. 😦

As for my last example–now that February is right around the corner, I’ve already purchased my Valentine’s Day card (over a week ago). How much would you want to bet that my husband will buy my Valentine’s Day card on 2/14/15. How much more would you bet that he’ll purchase it an hour before I come home and all he will do is sign it? I’m not saying that it can’t be purchased the day of, but at least put some words in it.

Do you think I’m CRAZY!? (maybe…)

Well I leave you with this:




1.9.15 Wise thought of the day

Look at your notebook; did you know that you are more likely to jot down thoughts if you LOVE the design of your notebook and enjoy the feel of your pen on the paper? So you know where I’m going with this…INVEST IN GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS to keep you motivated!

P.S. I took this picture off the internet. I’ve never done drugs…I know…I tell people it’s my only V card! LOL


Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

God Bless 🙂

1.3.15 Baking

Good evening readers!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I did a lot of relaxing and took frequent naps. I have to tell you, writing has become a bit easier. I know it’s only been a couple days, but I know if I keep it a part of my routine at night I’d get the job done.


So I don’t want to toot my horn, but I’m a pretty decent baker. I’m not a BOX baker. (I went to a party once and baked a box of brownies b/c I was running late and when they realized it was boxed they didn’t eat anymore of them and said anyone that follows directions “can” be a baker). So just for clarification, I mainly bake from scratch.

I decided that I wanted to make chocolate covered pretzels for Vic’s squad so when Em decided to go down for a nap, I started the chocolate melting. I normally stick to one kind; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or vanilla. I decided to mix it up a bit and melt what I had left of the milk chocolate (about 1/2 a bag) and did another half of dark chocolate. I added Ghirardelli mini kisses for no good ol’ reason. Once everything was melted in the mini crockpot I dipped my first medium sized pretzel into it like I knew how. My fork didn’t take it out the way I wanted to so I used my fingers. It became really messy really quick. I immediately thought 1. this was not going to work, 2. this is going to take forever.

Instead I only dipped 1/2 of it in the melted chocolate and I then decorated them with sprinkles and flavored sugar crystals. Out of the whole bag, there were 3 dozen good whole pretzels that I used. The broken pieces I put on parchment paper and drizzled the left over chocolate on them. I had all the intentions of taking a picture of the really nice, decorated pretzels BUT Vic took them to work and were devoured before I could request a single picture. I did take a picture of the drizzled ones. Take a look below. they came out really good. chocolate drizzled pretzels

Besides this mini baking adventure, I cooked dinner, Em woke up, we ate dinner and played until we both dropped! What was your highlight? Sour moment?

I added a pic of my tornado and her sidekick Beaker sleeping together. Enjoy!

em and beaks sleeping

Highlight: Confirming my lost love for baking.

Sour moment: Dog peed on my duvet cover while I made dinner. (You’d think I’ve learned to keep him in the kitchen with me while I cooked…)

1.2.15 Pain Pain go away

Good evening readers!!

So I woke up with a soar back. I bet you can guess why… (YES attic overhaul!) I have been taking it easy all day to not officially blow out my back. So here’s a question: what type of back stretches can I do daily to avoid pulling my back in the future? I feel like I’m a 29 year old fragile tea cup that will break with one use. (EEEKKK)Back_Pain

Today Em has been a total nightmare. We are really venturing into the terrible two’s! For everything she cried, or told me no; something I don’t stand for. My only savior was that she took a 4 hour nap.crying

My hubby Vic is working nights at is job, so he got to experience none of my days struggles. He went to work at 4pm to get home at 7am, to then sleep until 3pm to do it all over again. Not sure if I call it lucky, but sometimes I wish he was here to help out…you know, good cop bad cop. It’s pretty sad that my puppy behaved better today than Em. That was pretty much the extent of today.

Highlight: Em ate all of her dinner

Sour moment: Being woken up at 12midnight because dog wanted to got out for a potty break.potty break

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Thank you and many blessings!

1.1.15 Introduction

Well good evening readers!!

I wanted to take the time to address who I am. I go by the name of Ali, and am married to my sweet, sweet husband, Vic. We have a daughter we call Emme, a cat named Beaker, and a 2month old chocolate lab, Chase.

We live in NJ, USA. I work in the field of insurance and my husband is in law enforcement.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you about my day.

We woke up around 8:30am and Vic made me breakfast. We fed Em, the dog and cat to only then start our day. Who decides to clean out their attic on 1/1/15? WE DO! This year, I’m thinking less is more. I donated, gifted, and tossed out old clothing, supplies, furniture, and toys that were no longer in use. I was proud of myself as I was known as a mini-hoarder by my family. My father in law come over to watch my 2yr old to make sure she didn’t think of burning down the house.

After the attic was clean, we went had lunch and took a nap. Normally the nap part doesn’t include us, but today was an exception.

Once we awakened, we went to Wal-Mart for milk, a lufa, and makeup remover. A transaction that could have been <$10; became $115 after Vic discovered the 75% off Christmas lights aisle. We bought 33 boxes of one kind of C9 light bulbs and then another 30 boxes of regular lights to decorate the bushes, windows, and trees in our yard. I think Vic’s crazy for buying all these lights, but he keeps reassuring me our house will be all lit up next Christmas. tree

Once we got home, I made dinner, and started laundry. We ate, we cleaned the kitchen and played with the dog. I showered Em and got her ready for bed. That was my day for the most part.

Highlight: hearing my little Emme say I LOVE YOU MOMMY & DADDY.loveyou

Sour moment: Em ordered a movie on Comcast called Equalizer (Sheesh!)

Good night and God Bless!