6.8.15 Bucket List 🌎📝✅


Good morning readers,

To set up for my bucket list I’ve written down a list of things to accomplish which are in no particular order. [This will be continuously updated ]

-sleep overnight on a beach

-have another baby, or two

-throw a bad-ass tea party PARTY

-build a tree house

-streak in a public place

-Milk a cow 🐄

-throw a birthday themed circus party

-pet a baby cub, tiger, or lion…I’ll even take a cheetah or giraffe.🐯🐻🐅🐆

-collect a post card from every state in the US💌

-kiss a seal

-purchased another house🏡

-start a fire without matches💥

-carve your name into a tree

-pay a toll for the person behind you

-serve food at a soup kitchen

-start a charity💟

-be published

-create a family logo

-wear a wig for a day

-ride a horse🐴

-get a lesson on pole dancing

-write a cookbook

-learn how to line dance

-dumpster dive

-hit the archery bulls-eye🎯

-participate in a 5k race🏃

-go to a paintball range

-ride hot air balloon

-take my family to Disney

-adopt another dog

This is all I could think of without giving it too much thought. Every time I accomplish one I will tag it #letterstomyfamiliaBucketList

What’s on your list???

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Have a good day!