With having a busy life, you have to sit and wonder “What good have you done in life?” Have you said something that will change the way someone thinks? Will you show a kind gesture that will change your life? I want letterstomyfamilia to showcase my life. Between the multiple hats I wear, to the silly laughs, kisses, memories, and even the family fights we have; YOU will have front row seats to it. If you like what you read, pop some pop-corn and subscribe/following me:

Website: http://www.letterstomyfamilia.com
Twitter: @letterstomyfam
Instagram: letterstomyfamilia
Snapchat: letterstomyfam
Email: Letterstomyfamilia@gmail.com

If you want to expand my postcard collection, feel free to send me one at:

Ali Petrilli
PO Box 87
Cologne, NJ 08213

Happy Reading!


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