01.25.2016 Military Wife


I love my Airman, although he drives me bonkers at times, I still love every aspect of him.

With that said, you think you would get used to the feeling you have in the pit of your stomach at the possibility of him deploying….but you don’t. Today Vic said that they are planning a deployment in early 2017; a minimum of 3 months. Why couldn’t they be week deployments so I could think they were mini vacations? What if we have another child and is born in the beginning of 2017? So many what if’s….

The thought about him in a hostile situation keeps me uneasy, but have to stay calm for my kid. She loves daddy so much!! I was hoping that someone out there in the military world, would be able to share his or her story on how they prepared for their loved ones departure.

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10.17.15 Real L-💓-V-E

loving same person

I saw this and though of how TRUE it really is. Keep falling in love with your spouses! Keep that flame lit! Have great sex! Have make-out sessions! I want everyone to feel the butterflies in their stomach when your spouses kiss you. You will feel like a kid again,….falling in love for what seems to be the first time again.

I love it!

P.S. 2more days until he’s home!!

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3.29.15 Feeling Loved

love1Good evening readers!!

I wanted to give a shout out to my loving husband, Victor. He makes my world complete, and the fact that he’s all mine, I wouldn’t be able to see my life without him. He knows all of my secrets, my insecurities and knows how to pick me up when I’m feeling down.  He’s truly a God send. I love you Vic!

love tree

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1.6.15 Love still exists

old couple

It’s rare for me to see old couples hold hands in public. But when I do, I get all warm inside to think that there is still unconditional love out there. That people still stay married and work through their problems, unlike today’s youth.

If you see an elderly couple, think of this post and smile 🙂

God loves you all


1.5.15 Sex

-Good morning readers!!

I apologize for not posting anything worth reading for the past 3 days…I normally write it at night to post first thing in the morning, but I must have messed with the settings to not have this happen any longer. UGH! As I work through the kinks let me tell you about the spontaneous sex episode I had with my husband–

My husband, Vic, is working nights at the moment, so he came home Monday at his normal time of 7am. He immediately takes a shower, and I thought he was going straight to bed. Vic tells me that he has to work day shift on Tues and needed to stay up Monday for as long as he could. I get ready for work as he gets Em ready for the sitters.

I leave and take Em with me and drop her off at the sitters. The drive to work was not all that bad; just COLD. My lunch break is from 12-1, so I thought I’d surprise my hubby. I decide to drive about 15-20 minuets to get home to find him passed out on the couch. 😦


He instantly wakes up and asks if it’s 4:30; the time I get out of work. I said no it’s 12.25pm. My bladder was screaming at this point, so I go to the bathroom. I get to the couch where he is now slightly awake, and ask him to get up and brush his teeth, and to then meet me in the bedroom. As ANY MAN WOULD, he relieved his bladder, and brushed his teeth to meet me underneath the covers.

We had sex for a good 20-25 mins. It was AMAZING! The way he held me tight, the heat of my body against his, even the darkness of the room, made the “session” just that much better! I am not a big kisser in bed, actually I’m not a big kisser at all, but even managed to squeeze a make-out session. YAY GO ME!

Once the fun was over, I ran to the bathroom to wipe/clean all the juices that flowed between each other and got dressed. By then, Vic was on the couch and I said to him “I feel like a prostitute where I come home for one reason and leave” Vic said “I’ll pay you later”. I replied with “YUP! With round TWO!” I immediately walked out of the house not seeing his face or hearing his response.

On the way back to work, I thought to myself “We’re constantly busy, with work, life, and family”. Sometimes doing these spontaneous acts is what keeps that flame alive.  2015 will be filled with more love sessions than you want to read about.


As I conclude this passage, I urge you to do something spontaneous to your loved one and share it in the comments below.’

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