9.3.16 Be kind to one another…



In a world filled with hate and anger, we must seek God more than ever for guidance. You must learn to forgive. Even if it hurts. God forgives, you just have to ask to be forgiven.

It took me a while to figure this out. Looking back, I used to hold a grudge on things that were not worth. Why stain your heart with anger and hate when you could learn to forgive and move on? People say it’s easier said than done…and yes I admit, it takes time. What I don’t understand is why people leave it for a later date. Did God wait to forgive you when you asked to be forgiven? NO. So why delay it any more than you have to?

Psalms 24 talks about having a pure heart will get into heaven. It’s a good read. The real question here is “Do you have a clean heart?” “Have you asked for forgiveness?” Maybe today’s the day you do. I promise you, that once you’ve confessed your sins to God, you will feel the elephant in the room has disappeared and that weight on your shoulders will also be gone! It’s truly an amazing feeling! Try it, and let me know how it goes.

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10.20.15 Believe it!


I can’t help but post about things that are out of our hands. For instance, I went to my local Dollar General store last week. The line to check out was 5+ long. I wait because I needed the cards in my hand, and the little pack of stickers Em kept bugging me to pay for. The person in front of me kept making small conversations with Em. While the line was crawling slowly, the woman in front of me kept thanking me for Em’s mannerisms, and for cheering up her day. She then said she was in line getting pasta because her father wanted it for his last meal. His last mean, I ask? She said he got sick over night and was told he was not going to make it. He was diagnosed with X, Y, and Z and the outcome wasn’t positive. When it was time for her to pay, her box of pasta was a dollar. She took out a $20 bill and I said to her, please let me pay for your pasta. I immediately took out a dollar and gave it tot he cashier. She was in tears, and thanked me again.

Today, I was in line at the store, getting some supplies to cook dinner and I had forgotten my wallet. After being in line for 10 mins, I realized it when it was already too late. I asked to go to the car to get it, and just as I was preparing myself to run to the car, the person behind me offered to pay for my groceries. It was only a $6 bill, but all I could think about was when I paid for the pasta, and that this was what God wanted. I paid it forward, and now someone was doing it to me. The anonymous person said he would do it over again and that $6 will not break his bank. I thanked him, and thanked God for always having my back. My grandma always has stated “Mamita, things always happen for a reason” and that we just have to believe everything will work out the way it was intended to. With that said, I leave you with this: Pay it forward, you never know when it’ll be your turn to get a helping hand.

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5.22.15 Baker in the making 🎂

My little Emily loves to bake! Every chance we get to make daddy a cake, a  box of brownies or cookies, we do. I have also been teaching her all of the ingredients in English and in Spanish. She is getting better at repeating the Spanish ingredients. I love it when she wakes me up and askes to bake something for daddy! She runs to the kitchen pulls out a chair and expects me to start whipping something up to bake. These are the moments that I will look back upon when she becomes older. These are the stories I want her to read to show her with some dedication and constant practice anything is possible.  While I train minute to be a mini me, what are your little ones up to? 😜

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4.20.15 Making IT happen!

make things happen

Good day!

Today I woke and thought “Who cares at what I think is good in life!” I have an unbreakable, committed faith with GOD and really, all I should be caring about is what HE thinks!

With that said, I am going to kick some serious booty at work today! I am going to come home and clean up, make a shopping list, and even try to attack some projects I’ve been holding off on.

Doesn’t it feel good to just let it out! I’m making things happen, are you?

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3.29.15 Feeling Loved

love1Good evening readers!!

I wanted to give a shout out to my loving husband, Victor. He makes my world complete, and the fact that he’s all mine, I wouldn’t be able to see my life without him. He knows all of my secrets, my insecurities and knows how to pick me up when I’m feeling down.  He’s truly a God send. I love you Vic!

love tree

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Today when you get to work and are all drained from all of your weekend responsibilities….think of this post. I always say it’s all about the attitude. If you are going to work with an attitude, you will spread that negativity. Why not have fun at work, and make it an enjoyable place to be in for 8-10 hrs of your day. Remember you are the owner of your day…if you don’t like it….change it!

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1.31.15 I did it! 🙌🏆✒️👓✉️

I did it

So I have to tell you, writing or posting for a whole 31 days is like having another full time job! I give all the bloggers out there some serious credit! With that said, I BLOGGED FOR 31 DAYS! YAY!

Things will be different for Feb. I will make it a point to post more, and give you more details about my person life and family.

Thank you for all the support and continued likes. You are like my extended family 😊

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Take care!! (MUAH–xO👄)

1.30.15 Frosty VoxBox (Influenster)


Good evening readers,

Have you guys heard of a company called influenster? It’s a company where you take surveys and depending on the survey lifestyle you take; you are mailed products to test and review on their website (and yours). It’s a great way to get free products as long as they are being used and ultimately reviewed.

I received a frosty vox box to review for all of your readers. It had a lot of good products which I will review below.

fruit_vines_png_250x250_q85_cropLet’s start off with the grapevines strawberry flavored gummies. Their flavor was so enriched that as I type this blog, I contemplate buying myself another bag. You can get them in other flavors but I stuck to the strawberry flavor. They are designed to look like a juiced up Twizzlers. The texture was a lot smoother than a Twizzler and also smaller in length. Overall a great snack to share amongst friends and family. The bag was gone in less than 10 mins in my household. Yes, they are addicting!!! I give it two thumbs up on this.

ecotools_tiff_250x250_q85_cropThe next item I’m going to review is the ego tool hairbrush. On the label it stated that it’s great for people who wear multiple types of hairstyles and hair textures and that it was a non-static brush. With that great entrance, you would think it’s a great brush right? I initially tried it as my first item out of the box and instantly my hair got very staticy. I thought it was just a fluke, so I brushed my daughters hair and the same thing occurred. Presentation wise, it’s a great-looking brush but for what I’m looking for, its not the type of brush I want to use daily. Would I recommend it to somebody? No. I give this two thumbs down.

2f00ba7f40e54470b002eb94d1288925f2d72404_J79Ug4M_png_250x250_q85_crop_vwia8Lu_png_250x250_q85_cropJust to keep it rolling my next item is a Rimmel eyeliner. It said it was waterproof, and believe me it is! I am not big on the normal pencil eyeliners as I love to use the liquid eyeliner’s. This one in particular, rolled on very smooth, very creamy, and a good shade of black. As I stated before it’s waterproof. Would I recommend this, absolutely! The only thing I would advise people is when you take it off to make sure you take it all off. I thought I had taken all of mine off and the next morning I woke up with raccoon eyes!! Overall, I give it two thumbs up!


One of my favorite items was the tea. It was a peppermint tea made for the holidays. It tasted like having a candy cane slice of heaven. Would I buy a box of it? Yes! It screamed at Christmas at me! And I am a huge Christmas fan. It’s great if you are going to share it amongst relatives and friends. I just may make that a holiday tradition… I give it to two thumbs up.

Boots_Badge_FINAL_png_250x250_q85_cropMy next item will be for all you anti-wrinkle lovers! It’s a Protect & Perfect serum N07. I used it for two weeks and you could absolutely see the improvements. I am not one to normally have a wrinkly face but anything you could do you at a young age to prevent future wrinkles is always a positive in my book. 🙂 The bottle is not that expensive–it ranges between $20 and $30; depending on size. A little goes a long way with this item; another positive for this product. I give this product to two thumbs up!

Blank_Badge_RNYhs6C_png_250x250_q85_cropDid you know that McCormick sells gourmet seasonings!? I got the chance to review and try one. I got a bottle of Thyme. I loved the sleek new look. The clear glass shows you the thyme and how much you use per serving. I instantly knew what I would be using this for. I made white rice with thyme, baked chicken with Parmesan cheese and thyme and to kick it off I made whipped mashed potatoes with a sprinkle of thyme. Not only did it come out tasting amazing, you would not even notice that I put an extra seasoning in the meal. Absolutely it two thumbs up!

25450132fa024d7a1a497eb90c6c65b19b0f5aa8_n0Mq84K_png_250x250_q85_cropMost women would cheer and jump up-and-down for free lipsticks, right? (WHY AM I NOT THAT WOMAN!) Unfortunately, I am not a big lipstick person. I received a sugar plum color NYC lipstick within my frosty vox box.  I tried it on which you can see on the right side of my page my Instagram picture of a pair lips. I was a little self-conscious about posting the picture and that’s why I blew up my lips almost to an on recognizable size. The color wasn’t all that bad, I feel like the taste was the part I disliked the most. I’m a lip licker and I’m constantly licking my lips that the taste made me want to take it off right away. I tried to keep it on as long as I could and even gave it to my sister who has a YouTube make up channel (Onebeautyaddict) to try on. (Click on link) She did mention that it does stay on for over six hours; which is a decent product for the cost. Maybe the make up fanatic would give it a one or two thumbs up, but for me I’m giving up two thumbs down. #GetADVANCED!

2f00ba7f40e54470b002eb94d1288925f2d72404_J79Ug4M_png_250x250_q85_crop_vwia8Lu_png_250x250_q85_cropThe last thing that was given to me complementary to test out and review was the Rimmel London make up remover. This make up remover came without I remover pads so I instantly thought CRAP! How am I going to take off my make up? I quickly found out that you could you use just about anything; a paper towel, cotton balls, a washcloth, or even tissue paper. I did like the convenience of the bottle size, and the transparency of the bottle to see when it would be time to open a new one. The make up remover worked rather well. You did not have to over scrub your eyes to remove the make up. It did not leave your face feeling oily either…good thing for me because I’m seriously oily. I will stick to my already lathered pads, but wouldn’t mind using this alternative. Overall, two thumbs up.

“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

Now that you’ve read about these free items, I wanted to remind you that you can also get free stuff from Influenster. Send me your email address, and I’ll send you a link 🙂

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1.29.2015 Apple Crisp

Good afternoon readers!!!!!!!!!

I’ve put up my first recipe for you to read– (I finally figured out how to do it!)

On my site, on the top menu bar; click FOOD—>DESSERTS—>APPLE CRISP

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